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Interactive wall

// Feel digital wall in a far more natural way. With the use of motion, sound, and touch the user’s connection is strengthened by creating a more memorable and unique experience.
#digitalwall #arduino #touchdesign #technologyday


Street art facts

// A project to capture ephemeral street artifacts using 4k color textured 3D scan and augmented reality to replace memory collected into a timeless augmented world.
#ar #nodejs #postgres #firebase



// A platform for providing support to people at war by sharing an offer and helping Ukrainian refugees.
#firebase #react


Georgia Travel

// A platform that enables you to discover awesome places in Georgia with virtual assistant.
#productdesign #productthinking #laravel #vue, #mysql



// Made website for one of the biggest real estate development company in Georgia.
#productdesign #laravel #nodejs #react #postgreSQL.


Phubber One

// CRM tool and delivery service automatization feature for Phubber e-shop.
#productdesign, #react, #flask, #mongoDB, #socketio



// Website made for community owned village Satibe
#productdesign, #react, #postgreSQL.

Some of the clients
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The First thing we do is to explore your mind to understand what exactly you're looking for to make our future work sweet and productive.
When things are clear, steps are moving better. We do product thinking and develop strategy for your new vibe.
It's the loveliest phase for us to craft and create just yesterday’s ideas as a new solution for people around us.
After all these things went well, we're testing and preparing product to launch. We support and help you to move and grow.
What we do
Full-cycle software development
We can help you cover all aspects of software development, including UX/UI design, custom web and mobile development, QA services, business analysis, and content writing. With the help of our Technical Writers, you’ll have all the documentation ready for smooth product maintenance in the future.
Digital Product Design
The ocean waves are mostly related feelings which comes from the design process. Prototyping, Interfaces, Flows, Shapes, Animations including all type of creativity.
WebAR development
Every company aims to delight customers with its product, AR allows them to take this process to the next level. Our AR services team will enable your customers to feel the product in a more immersive way and build better relationships with the brand.
Cloud development
Together, we will establish an optimal cloud computing workflow that helps you cut down cloud spending, automate infrastructure monitoring, and increase architectural flexibility.
We use a structured process to build the right, long-term dedicated team for your project. Our high-performance frontend and fullstack specialists provide the expertise you need to deliver solutions using key cutting edge performance technologies such as Angular & React; Node.js & Python, AWS & Digitalocean.
MVP Development
Building an MVP is one of the best ways to create a new digital product/service or validate your business idea. Minimum viable product app development is cost and time effective, works for any industry and can be used in organizations of various sizes, from thriving startups to mature enterprises.
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